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Studio Update #2

Talk about sound! Today an important peice to our studio and your sound came in. If you haven’t heard of Acoustic Sound Blankets then you’r missing out. They are made for sound absorption and also noise reduction. The process of how they work goes more into depth than that, but you get the point. These […]

Studio Update #1

Who doesn’t love new equipment when it comes to music? We had ordered a new sound board most recently and should be here in a few days. The board is a Tascam DM-3200 thiry-two channel digital mixer. Pretty cool huh? Set-up your recording date with us today by visiting our Contact page above. Check out […]

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  • Moses is honestly hands down the dude to go to for some recording time. He is very knowledgeable, quick and to the point and knows exactly how to deliver exactly what you expect. 100% recommended.

    Sean Bednarz

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