My Dude Moses

Daniel Moses (AKA My Dude Moses) is a producer, arranger and composer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Currently he is the owner and operator of “FML Records” and has been working in the recording industry for more than a decade now. My Dude Moses is all about work rather than talk or play; straight to the point business to deliver what is needed and exactly they way it is needed. Overall, Daniel Moses maintains personal yet professional relationships with his clients. At the end of the day it is all about the clients sound and image.

Recording with My Dude Moses offers a more than what your money can get at most studios situation. Even though the prices are more reasonable, the work put into projects and standard of quality is still amongst the most professionals. There are also a few additional takeaways or benefits by choosing to record with My Dude Moses including:

  • 1) promotion as well as collaboration with other artists who work with Moses (as needed and requested)
  • 2) basic knowledge, or technique, which includes but not limited to processes, negative space and deductive reasoning for a few examples. More so the grand tour of what the entire recording process entails

Some of the services offered at My Dude Moses include:

Recording time of general sound

Live sound

Basic demos or E.P.’s

Full length albums

Recording in unlimited genres

Recording on location whether it is in our studio or your space

Capture, combine, record, re-record and edit sounds

Produce, manufacture, master and release music