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Hey there! My name is Daniel Moses and I am a producer, arranger and composer based out of Cleveland, OH. I am currently the owner/operator of “FML Records” and have been working in the recording industry for more than a decade now. For me it is more about work than talk or play; straight to the point business to deliver what you need and exactly what you want. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what you want though. Overall I want to be on a personal yet professional level with my clients because in the end it’s all about them and their sound/image. Recording with me offers you more than what your money can get at most studios. Don’t let that fool you though, the prices are more reasonable, yet the work and quality is still very professional. There are also a few things you can receive here as an artist that you simply can not get at other studios which include:

promotion as well as collaboration with other artists who work with me

basic knowledge, or technique, which includes processes, negative space and deductive reasoning for a few examples. Basically just getting the bigger picture of what the recording process is about

Some of the services I offer are of the following:

Recording time of general sound, live sound, basic demos or E.P.’s to full length albums, recording in unlimited genres, recording on location whether it is here in our studio or if we have to come to you, capture, combine, record, re-record and edit sounds, produce, manufacture, master and release music